Water Cooler Safety Mats from Message Mats

Our Water cooler Safety mats can absorb up to a gallon of water per square metre. They are made from 100% High Twist Nylon thermally bonded to a non-slip Nitrile rubber backing and can be machine washed at 40C and tumble dried at low heat.

The most popular sized mats for FREE STANDING or WALL MOUNTED water coolers are the 90cm x 60cm oblong and 70cm circular Safety mats.

For FLOOR MOUNTED water coolers we recommend our U-Shaped Safety mats.

The Safety mats can be made any shape, size or colour to match your requirements.

We also stock Cotton vinyl backed Water Cooler Safety mats which can be washed at 30C.

If you would like anymore information about our Water cooler Safety mats, please don't hesitate to contact Message Mats.

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